How Do I Report Crime ?

You may be either a victim of crime or a witness to the crime. Well, it is not easy to come forward. But, if no one reports crime to the Police, criminals commit more crime, damage more property and finally justice is denied forever. It’s also important to report crime for your own sake as getting a crime number from the police will trigger the investigation.

What should you do when the crime is in progress?

Screeeeam..! Loudly to attract attention.
Try to resist with all your might if you have no other choice.
Remember the identity of the criminal like face, scars, hair style, language etc.
Remember the registration number, color and make of the crime vehicle (when you are on road and idle, practice remembering registration numbers just as a hobby..! It helps.)
If you are the witness, try to follow the crime vehicle and catch him when you feel confident
Try to dial 100 (from your mobile phone), if you are a witness

How to report a crime?

Alert the nearest policeman on the street
Nothing like reporting crime to the policeman on the street directly!. This will ensure the quick reaction, sense of security in you and swift investigation.

If you do not see any policeman, then…
Dial 100 (Any Phone)
In an emergency or if you are facing immediate threat, dial 100 and ask for the police help. Information you give will be passed on to the local police without any delay. It's always better if you give your contact number to the control room to guide the police patrols.

Going to your local police station :
At the police station you will be asked to provide details of the crime and make a statement about the facts of the case. Depending on the contents of your complaint, Police will register a case under relevant sections. If you find the response at the police station inadequate, you can always contact divisional and zonal officers
You'll receive a FIR Number (crime number) that you can quote to find out about the progress of your case and to make any kind of claim.

Reporting a crime anonymously :
It is not compulsory that you should give your identity when you report crime to police.
You can always convey the details you know about crime by dialing to local police station or write letters to police officers or send emails

Please Remember :
By giving information about crime you will not be called to Police station as Witness
You will not be made as a witness against your consent
Even if you are a victim, your details will not be made public by police against your will.

When to Use Dial 100 ?

Remember 100 as a emergency number. This means it should be dialed only in grave situations like :
When your life and property is under immediate threat
When someone's life and property is under threat.
When you witness the incident or accident and see no policemen around.
When you anticipate a grave and immediate danger to life and property like suspicious objects.
When someone is crying for help.
When you come across a criminal who is wanted by the police
When you are caught in serious traffic jam for a long time.
When you do not know which police station to contact.